We Treat

  • Migraine & other Headaches
  • Anxiety, Fear, OCD, Phobias, Panic attacks
  • Depression, Mania & other Mood Disorders
  • Concentration & Memory Issues
  • Abnormal Behaviour, Excessive anger, Suspiciousness, Irrelevant talking
  • Insomnia, Lethargy, Excessive sleep, Weakness
  • Acute Stress Reaction, Adjustment Disorder & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Sex related issues like PME, Dhat, Impotence, Frequent Night falls, Erectile Dysfunction, Decreased Sexual Desire, Sex Addiction
  • Epilepsy, dementia, parkinson’s disease
  • Alcohol, bhang, opiod, smoking, tobacco, deaddiction
  • Old age behaviour disorders
  • Child & Adolescent behaviour problems , hyper-activity, bedwetting, learning difficulties, autism
  • Internet & gaming addiction,gambling

Dr. Ashwin Jain

Dr. Ashwin Jain M.B.B.S.,M.D (Neuro-Psychiatry ) is an doctor NeuroPsychiatrist practicing in Indore who believes in providing sufficient time to his patients for them to express their problems well. His good communication coupled with patience helps him build rapport with his patients effectively. Dr. Ashwin is consistently regarded as one of the best “Neuropsychiatrist,Sexologist in Indore . He is practising at – SAPNA SANGEETA, PALASIA & ANNAPURNA AREA.


NOTE: Details regarding our patients are not disclosed to any sources.

Dr. Ashwin has has earned his reputation as a seasoned NeuroPsychiatrist, Sexologist, Psychologist, Deaddiction Specialist & specializes in dealing with all anxiety disorders, sexual problems, Migraine & other headaches, Child & adolescent problems, Depression, Psychosis, Memory & Concentration difficulties at Indore.

His enormous knowledge and skill in psychiatry stems from hIs experience, working in various hospitals, and clinics. After his education, he focused on acquiring expertise in diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of disorders. He is well adept at handling patients belonging to broad age group; from children to elders.

Our Approach

Dr. Ashwin conducts a comprehensive, confidential and professional evaluation that leads to the diagnosis and treatment of mental and behavioral disorders.

Dr. Ashwin understands that meeting the mental and emotional needs of his patients is the most important part of treatment. This is the reason why he communicates with his patients and their family, so as to effectively understand the psyche of his patients. This approach of his lets him choose the best treatment methodology.

Do you still prescribe to a preconceived bias regarding psychiatrists?

Do you think that a psychiatrist is a doctor who treats only insane or mad people?

Do you believe that psychiatric disorders cannot be treated?

Do u think that a psychiatrist prescribes only sleeping pills ?

Do u think all allopathic medicines are harmful and cause side effects ?

Do u have a fear that all psychotropic medicines are addictive ?

Or you choose to have an open and flexible approach towards life?


Psychiatric disorders are not only treatable but with newer advanced medicines, they can be much more effective with minimum or absolutely no side effects. Accept  it and look forward to come out of mental agony. Destigmatize it and make an effort to find out right, caring  mental health professional to be free of mental agony.

  1.     Are you feeling low for the last few days?
  2.     Are you always stressed?
  3.     Do you always remain worried about yourself, future and family?
  4.     If anyone in your family has had a change in usual behavior pattern or exhibit abnormal behavior ?
  5.     Are you having persistent headaches?
  6.     Are you having concentration difficulties in your work or studies ?
  7.     Are you having trouble in sleeping?
  8.     Are you facing frequent anxiety or panic episodes ?
  9.     Are you repeating same work, counting, checking, cleaning, hand-washing or  having doubts in any work, image in mind?
  10.     Are you facing sexual problems in your married life ?
  11.     Does your child have anger, odd behavior, hyperactivity problems ?

If the answer to any of those questions is Yes, please do not hesitate in reaching out to one of our clinics.(Website wale ko bolna ki clinic ka link clickable ho and clinic info pe le jaye)

Availability other than Indore

Along with addressing psychiatric, neurological, psychological, sexual, addiction problems in Indore, we have frequent periphery consultation camps in Mhow, Ujjain, Dewas, Dhar, Khandwa, Khargone, Ratlam, Betma,Harda,Mandsaur, Badwani, Dhamnod, Shajapur, Sendhwa, Betma, Shujalpur & other peripheral areas near Indore.





Behind Sapna sangeeta cinema INOX,

Near Hero service center,

Sapna sangeeta road,



12:00 PM -7:00PM



Vardhaman Medicose,

Narendra tiwari marg,near Unique Hospital,

Annapurna road,


10:00 AM -11:00 AM



Above Saket chemist,

Anand Bazar Rd,



09:00 AM -10:00 AM

(By Appointment Only)

Monday - FriDay (9A.M. - 9 P.M.)